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Earn Money By Uploading Files At Userscloud

Earn Money Online 2015

Earn Money Online By Uploading Files At Userscloud

Namaste! Do you want to know how to earn money online? Here I'm providing you the secrets to make money online by uploading files and sharing their links. It's also called Earn Money By Sharing Files. You will get paid whenever your files being downloaded by someone. This program called Pay-Per-Download, best PPD site. 

Make Money Online 2016 Trick

Nowadays people don't store/host their files on their computer or own hosting storage, neither you. They upload their files to online File Sharing sites. Many file hosting sites are really terrible, they pay you per download, but they don’t really pay much as you deserve and your user gets confused and download the Ads instead the actual file. Here I'm showing you how to earn money from one of those best PPD sites and earn real money. Userscloud Earning Trick 2016. Earn money by using Userscloud, upload your files and make money when they are being downloaded by someone. Latest Userscloud earning Trick 2016.

Earn Money By Uploading Files - Online Earning Trick - Make Money Online Trick 2016

In this tutorial we will be talking about Userscloud. You can earn real money by hosting your files at Userscloud. 

What Is Userscloud

Userscloud is a online file hosting website on which anyone can store their data and share them to earn real money. Userscloud is the best file hosting website among the all such websites. You can upload all kind of files at Userscloud.
Userscloud is a free Cloud Service. We offer Unlimited online storage/remote backup capacity, sophisticated uploading and downloading tools. With you can host files, images, videos and audio on the same place. - Userscloud
 It offer many features to their users such as:
  • Unlimited Storage [Truly Unlimited]
  • Earn Money Whenever Your File Being Downloaded
  • Full Downloading Speed
  • Resume-able Download Links
  • Hotlinks Features - Direct download links for small size files
  • Remote File Upload - You can upload files from another hosting sites just place the link and upload
  • Best User Interface - Very good user interface
  • Best Paying Rates - High paying rates than other File Hosting Sites
  • No Captcha  - There no Captcha system to download files from Userscloud
  • Files Never Expires - Your files will never be deleted at any condition except DMCA 
  • Unlimited Download 
  • Completely Free - You can join and store your files without paying any charge
  • Unlimited File Size
  • No Download Delay
  • FTP Support 
  • Secure - Your files at Userscloud are completely secure.

How much Userscloud Pays Per Download?

Userscloud pays highest amount per download to their users among all the PPD [Without Survey] sites. Paying rates per 1000 download are shown below:

Userscloud Earning Trick 2016

How to create an account at Userscloud?

Create an account at Userscloud and upload your files, share links and get paid whenever your files are being downloaded by someone. Follow the below steps to create an account at Userscloud:

Step 1. First of all visit Here! and then fill-up the form by providing Username, Email, Password and Security code and then click on Create Account. 


Step 2. After that you'll get a message like 'Your account have been created. To activate it follow the activation link sent to your e-mail'. Now open your Gmail account and activate your account. 


NOTE:- If you don't found activation email in your inbox, then find it in Spam Folder. Sometime it goes to Spam folder.

Step 3. Now log-in to your account and upload your files, share them on bloggers, Facebook, Twitter etc. and earn money when user download your files. 

Step 4. To see your earning go to MY ACCOUNT and there you'll see your earning. You can also see daily download reports by going to REPORTS.

Payments are made Monthly. 30 Days after requesting your earning in your Paypal account.

Is Userscloud legit or scam? Do they really pay?

Yes! They really pay and also at time without delay. I also got payment from them many times. I'm using their service form months.

Userscloud Payment Proofs

Here is the payment proof which I got from Userscloud:

Userscloud Payment Proof
Download Userscloud Earning Trick

Rules to be followed to earn money from Userscloud

Make Money Online

Hosting Features Of Userscloud

Online Earning Trick 2016

So, it was an easy tutorial to earn money online by uploading files and sharing them. Actually it's called as PPD Network without survey to earn money online. You can make money online when people download your files. Mean upload files, share links and earn money while sleeping. Make hard work once and earn money forever. You can make unlimited money online by uploading files. I hope you liked this money making guide. You can also say it as 'Online Money Earning Trick 2016' or 'Online Earning Trick'. So, use this trick and enjoy your earning. Have Fun!

Create an account at Userscloud and Start earning money now:

Earn Money Online 2015

Earn Money Online By Uploading Files - Online Earning Trick 2016 Latest Working

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