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Sonic Bat Virus Maker (Make Virus Easily) Latest

Sonic Bat Virus Maker ( Creator )
A computer virus is a stealth program that is injected into your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes and frustrate you some time. Viruses can also replicate themselves. All computer viruses are man-made.A virus can replicates itself by being copied or initiating its copy to another program, computer boot sector or files,etc.Some viruses are also used to get useful
information of users like credit card details,email-id passwords,etc.
Sonic Bat Virus Maker is a small tool which is made to generate the batch files codes for reboot,formatting,disabling regedit,etc on a single click.This tools combines all the batch file codes as per the user which can perform different task in a single batch file name as sonic.bat.


  • Change Time.
  • Change Log On Password.
  • Add Any Number Of New User.
  • Disable Mouse.
  • Disable Keyboard.
  • Fork Bomb.
  • Delete/Format System drive(C:).
  • Drive Rename.
  • Folder Flood(Desktop,Music,Picture,Root,Doc,System32,Windows,Programs)
  • Swap Mouse Button.
  • Print Alert Message
  • Message Execution Timer.
  • Shutdown With Option(Reboot,Log Off,Shutdown and Abort).
  • Run On Startup.

How To Use ?
  1. Choose Your Virus Type.
  2. Click on add Code.
  3. Click on Build
  4. Choose save location.
  5. Done ! your virus is ready to harm victim's PC.

Warning :- 

  • Never test on your personal computer, it could be harmfully affect your  PC.  

Direct Download Link

Sonic Bat Virus Creator Download 

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