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WIBR Plus Wifi BRuteforce Hack Pro Apk 1.0.3 Full Android Latest

WIBR Plus Wifi BRuteforce Hack Pro

Requirements for WIBR Plus APK

1. Android OS 4.0.3 and up WIBR+ is advanced application for testing of security of the WPA/WPA2 PSK WiFi networks. 

2. This application is NOT FAKE, it really works and it is possible to access the WiFi network if it uses weak password. 

The application supports two types of test

Dictionary Test - It tries passwords from predefined list one by one. Please don't be disappointed if the password will not be found, it simply means that it was not in the dictionary. However, if somebody set his key to "12345678" or "password" it will be detected. This version supports importing of your own dictionaries, so you are no longer limited by pre-installed dictionaries! 

Bruteforce Test - You can select alphabet, lenght of password and the app will try all combinations of characters in the alphabet. Of course this is complete madness because the number of combinations is growing exponentially with password length. Therefore the app supports custom alphabet and custom mask. If you know that the password is something like hacker and two digits you can set mask to hacker[x][x] and select the digits alphabet. The app will try all passwords like hacker00, hacker01 through hacker99!

Download WIBR Plus Pro APk Free

 Wibr Plus Pro Apk Full Free Download

Thank You!
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